I founded Une bonne étoile in April 2016. Having grown up on the coast of South brittany in Lorient and even if professional reasons sometimes moved me away from the littoral, I have kept this «seaside» culture. When I created my Wedding Planning Agency, the “seaside » style - at the same time smart and relaxed, whose the natural elegance which recalls Hamptons - seemed to me like an obviousness. My proposal : to offer to the bride- and groom-to-be a upscale service in the great West, while remaining faithful to the DNA of the area. To keep the essential - this famous “Seaside” style - and to mix it with a little touch of modernity and of sophistication, by avoiding the pitfalls. If it is about my style of predilection, I adore also venturing in other universes, in order to grant the wishes of my customers, and to orchestrate their wedding in the manner of “une bonne étoile”.

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